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From left to right:  Finn, Gala, Sookie, Peak, Puzzle, & Busy

My Dogs

You might ask, “Where are the labs?”  I had labradors for many years, competing in hunting tests, obedience, agility, and flyball. But, I had always loved border collies.  Gala was bred by a friend of mine and the timing just worked out right.  I was hooked. Around that time I got more involved in flyball and the border collies were a great fit.  I also branched out with some mixes and found I really loved the versatility they offered.  I finally lost my last labrador, Slice, in 2008.  In my current crew, Gala (11) and Puzzle (11) are both border collies.  Finn (11) is a border collie mix from rescue.  Busy (8) and Sookie (4) are both mixes.  Peak (6) is a mixed breed owned by Jenny Pike who is staying with us temporarily to play flyball here in Colorado.  Puzzle, Sookie, and Peak are currently competing in flyball.  Gala and Busy are retired from flyball and Finn is semi-retired.  Busy and I have run agility and she loves barn hunt.  Busy and Gala are also taking some treiball lessons. Sookie has gotten me back into competitive obedience training.  We’re hoping to debut in the rally ring in the near future.